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Understanding Infections and Viruses

Infections and viruses are the body’s response to abnormal bacteria in an otherwise normal body system. They may be caused by environmental factors or because of water or food intake. The body’s natural response to foreign bodies is to rid the system of it and fight it with natural antibodies. However, in cases of infections and viruses, the body can no longer fight them and the system fails for a period of time.

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There are several different forms of possible infections. These are caused by parasites, fungi and bacteria. A parasite is a microscopic organism that enters the body and wrecks havoc within. Forms of parasitic infections include tapeworm attacks and amoebas which nestle into the body and cause death, if not treated. Tapeworms in the body’s system can lead to severe malnutrition and amoebas can make the body appear to have an extended stomach flu which seems to never end. Parasitic infections are more common in Third-World nations than in developed nations but can still occur. If your body seems malnourished and you feel like you have the flu, you should ask your doctor about being tested for parasitic infections.

Fungal Infections are caused by germs called fungi. Some diseases that are fungal infections include but are not limited to Tinea, athlete’s foot and candida. Common bacterial infections are salmonella, E. coli, and strep throat.

Infections and viruses are very close in comparison and can be confused with each other many times. For an infection to start, a virus must be present. There is no infection without a virus, but there can be a virus without an infection.


Common viruses include colds, influenza and herpes. Some viral infections do not have any symptoms till the later stages. Even without symptoms, these viruses can still be wrecking your body. In order to make sure that your body is without infections and viruses, you must visit your doctor regularly, in case you have an infection or virus that does not have any symptoms.

Though both are closely related, an infection cannot occur without a virus first appearing in the body. Likewise, a virus can occur without an infection.

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